The Black Hole

If people hear the word ‘TESLA’ they automatically think about the cars made by Elon Musk. We have nothing to do with the automobile industry.

Nikola Tesla was a scientific innovator. The unit of measurement of magnetic field strength is named after him.

The BlackHole uses some of this technology to improve methods of solid waste disposal.

The technology is based on trademarked technologies which includes Programmed Oxygenated Plasma State™ (POPS™), Ionized Oxygen Plasma™ (IO2P™) and Tesla Flux Vortex™ (TFV™).

When garbage is feeded into the machine, it reduces the volume in the ratio of 1/200 – 1/300 and the residue can be used as a by-product for improving soil conditions and can act as a disinfectant, alter mixing with water. This residue that remains is ceramic ash, this ash can also be used for various purposes like home painting, it generates magnetic substance, supports Minus ION method and is not harmfull to human health.

Neither a secondary combustion equipment nor does it require any electricity or fuel for processing the garbage.

Unique Wet scrubber and activated carbon filters prevent any poisonous gases from being released into the atmosphere.

Add a generator customed by us, and you can get energy as well !